torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

Scrapning ;)

I did some scrapning today, this is my second LO I used sketch #102 from Trisha. This is my daughter Pernille with her curly hair.

fredag den 8. oktober 2010

New bling for myself

I'm still cleaning up in beading materials and I thought I really could use these bracelets in my everyday life. They are comfort bull to have on when they are on elastic.
Golden black power - Onyks and goldfilled fitings
 On fire - Red Corals with a roughness

Black silver stream - Onyks with silver fitnings

torsdag den 7. oktober 2010

Today's projekt

Today I was cleaning up in my beads and I got a bit creative so here goes....
Mother and daugter bracelet and Hippiflower bracelet for my daugter on (almost) 5 years old

Hope you enjoyed!